Monday, September 14, 2015

The Charlotte music scene: What’s goin’ ahn

by J.F. Keaton

The Charlotte music scene has always had a lot to offer, and still does. Lots of different sounds, genres, looks and scenes. It’s all there. Rather than debate who the best in the scene are, and who deserves to be mentioned, we decided to let the people that go see and hear the music tell us. For one day, we asked one question on a social media site. “If you tell someone that is new to Charlotte about one artist or band, who or what would you tell them about?” The responses are listed below. If your favorite artist is not on this list, let us know or create your own social experiment. Let the discussions begin …

Chris Garges: Depends on what they’re into. There’s a lot of different stuff going on around town.

Danny Burazer: Tons of awesome bands in town, but I would go with the Childers, David or Robert. I really like the Paint Fumes and Modern Primitives too.

Hope Franklin: Randy Franklin.

Jonathan Murray: I really liked Jesse Clasen when I saw him!

Bee Finn: Federal Brothers. Michael with Part Time Blues Band or The Lenny Federal Band or FBRR.

Debby Scheppegrell Johnson: Gotta plug Chuck Chuck Johnson and Charlyhorse!

Jeffrey D Larish: Anything the Edwards brothers are doing.

Scott Homewood: David Childers.

Bee Finn: Truthfully, it is a hard question. Good answer would be all of them.

Tammy Brackett: David Childers

Rick Spreitzer: David Childers, Mike Strauss, The Loudermilks, Chuck Johnson.

David Alan Goldberg: David Childers, Chad R Edwards (The Loudermilks), Amber Comber Smith (Consumption Casualties).

Stephen H. Kaplan: Anything Kevin Gil is playing in.

Bill Kopp: Spongetones, full stop.

Scott Homewood: Beth Chorneau.

Sharon Coon Reed: If you’re in the LKN area and love good singer-songwriter acoustic, Billy Jones is always a fav!

Phil Black: Bill Hanna.

Kevin Marshall: I would first ask what do you like? And then I would point in a direction. For instance, if they were into songwriters, I would point them to OSN held at Freeman’s Pub bi-monthly.
Stefan Huebner: ANTiSEEN.

Jack Magick: Come On Thunderchild. (Do past bands count?)

Guerry Harvell: LYRICS from Greenville/Spartanburg/Piedmont. LYRICS plays ’70s to current both classic rock and blues.

Corinna Arlington: Greevus and Temperance League. I’d take them to Snug Harbor. I like most local groups I see there.

Michele Ruge: If I had to choose only one, it would be Temperance League. No matter what venue, big or small, it is always a good time. But Daniel, I have to agree with the other commenters, it depends on what they are into.

Sarah Pollock: Hectorina.

Dylan Gilbert: Phil Pucci (Various Projects), Andy Doorbum Fenstermaker, Wyley Buck Boswell (Various Projects), aggrocragg, Ghost Trees, Eli Parker, Bless These Sounds Under the City, Swell Friends, Bo White (and his various projects), Sinners & Saints!

Sarah Pollock: Dylan, he said to pick just one!

Dylan Gilbert: I can’t. I just can’t!

Matt Bolick: Early Ray.

John Harrison: Hectorina.

Amber Donoghue: Serfs.

Albert Strawn: These are some of my favorites: Hectorina is arguably one of the best live bands in Charlotte. They are math and blues rock with big hints of influence from the ’50s and ’60s and they are high energy. Sinners & Saints are always a great live show that will put a smile on your face and the banter is normally honest and funny, high-energy folk rock duo. Dollar Signs are comical and serious and great live if you want to catch an acoustic, anti-folk, high-energy, sarcastically truthful and fun show. The Dinner Rabbits are a mix between The Beatles, Deerhoof and Grizzly Bear and have beautiful harmonies and song structure and are all crazy talented.

Fat Face Band is a 3-piece, New Orleans style, extremely talented instrumental band. Tuba, trumpet and probably the best guitarist in Charlotte: Troy Conn.

Sam The Lion is a mix between Portishead and Sigur Ros with sexy vocals, and one of the most polished, tight and professional bands in Charlotte. Big elegant chill sounds. Bless These Sounds Under the City is the duo I’m in. I will mention it just because my friends would be upset at me if I didn’t. We are a good show to catch.

That’s where I would start and normally what I do tell someone who is new to the area. I also tell them to get to the show early because that’s how you find out about new artists that you may end up loving.

David Alan Goldberg: Andy Doorbum Fenstermaker.

D.j. Bost: The Spongetones.

Beth Eakes: Tom Brill, Jim Brock and Lenny Federal.

Blaine DeBoo: Hectorina, Dollar Signs, Bless These Sounds Under the City, Blaine DeBoo B&, Funky Geezer, DSR, Turd/cutter.

Dana Koster: Bad Karol!!

TamTam Massey: Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers.

Nathan Leslie: Josh Daniel and all his projects.

Blaine DeBoo: Can’t forget Sinners and Saints and The Business People.

David Akins: Anything that The Spongetones or their individual members are involved in would be worthwhile. Also Jim Brock and Beth Chorneau.

Zan McLeod: Patrick Walters, Rob Thorne, Bobby Donaldson, Lenny Federal.

Joe Sweeney: Melt, Serfs, Shell, Hectorina, Miami Dice, Luciferian Agenda. Charlotte has so many good bands to offer of every genre. We are really lucky.

Mary Cele Bain: Lenny Federal, 
Chuck Johnson and Charlyhorse and 
Silver Wings!

Mary Fagan: For jazz I send them to see Jim Stack and the guys at The Cajun Queen Sunday and Monday nights.

Mark Campbell: Monday Night Allstars at the Double Door Inn.

Wyley Buck Boswell: Andy the DoorBum, Hectorina, David Childers, The Fat Face Band, Viajando, Dollar Signs, Parodi Kings, Sext Message, South Side Punx.

Debbi Grosch: Spongetones, Donna Duncan Band, Shana Blake, Lenny Federal, Tosco Open Mic night at Evening Muse, Chuck Johnson and Charleyhorse, Red Rocking Chair (at Comet Grill Tues).

Sarrah Kelly: EagleSpeak Coffee House! … Live … local … original music … Wednesday through Saturday.

Sonny Skyyz: Half of these bands I’ve never heard of. And of the ones I have heard are one-genre bands. Depends on what you want to hear. Too much talent in Charlotte and the surrounding area for me to pick one. Each band or performer is good at what they do.

Amber Allison: Grown Up Avenger Stuff.

Greg Clayton: ANTiSEEN, Benji Hughes, Temperance League.
David Alan Goldberg: Oh crap!!! Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned!!! Otis Hughes and Husky!!!

Sharon Dowell: Sinners & Saints, 
Benji Hughes, Miami Dice, Dirty Art Club.

Tiff Tantrum: YARBS, Chalkies and The Seduction. I’m only listing a few, and of course, all of mine will be in-your-face kind of bands. I could never list all the bands I love here! There are too many.

Sally Nehrenberg: Bubonic Funk!

Sara Woodmansee: Bless These Sounds Under the City, Hectorina, Sinners & Saints, Dirty Art Club, Dinner Rabbits and Ghost Trees. I know I am forgetting someone … So much talent in this here city!

Nick Grier: I guess it would depend on what they were into, but I would mention The Temperance League, Bo White, Amigo and ANTiSEEN.

Jan Jenson: Stolen Hearts - Pam Taylor and Robert Johnson!!! Kevin Marshall, Wink Keziah, Game Face, Michael Ingmire and all the bands that frequent the blues jams all over town!

David Beard: Not a group … a place: The Double Door Inn.

Tracie Nasta: The Loudermilks, Pullman Strike, Sinners and Saints, Miami Dice, Treehouse, Sundried Vibes, The Business People and Alternative Champs … That’s a little bit across the board, but that’s what I like, a little bit of everything.

Joseph Kelly: Grownup Avenger Stuff and Ish.

Don Koster: Funky Geezer!

Xavier G Neuro: Hashbrown Belly Boys!

Mary Shumway: I would say to join the Charlotte Folk Society. A great way to learn about regional music.

Chris Michael: Spongetones and ANTiSEEN!

Bobby Freedom: Andy the Doorbum, Stephen Warwick, Temperance League, David Childers.

Jennifer Stanton: All of the above plus Glen Alexander in any band with anybody.

Marie Reid Wiegleb: Thistle down Tinkers, Dave Holtzclaw, Shana Blake, Reeve Coobs, Nicci Canada and the Symphony, Brad Bailey, Randall Sprinkle.

Chris Michael: If you could time travel … Arthur Smith.

Rob McHale: You really can’t go wrong in this area. It is very rich with talent.

Michael Raper: Always a good time.

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