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Editor's Letter, First Issue, September 1995

First letter from the editor
Tangents is not a new magazine for men who want to get a tan. We are a rough collection of writers, graphic artists, photographers and music lovers who want to develop a 'zine that will serve both us and the reading public of the Charlotte area. We will cover local and regional theater, music, comedy, writing and art.
There are many regional artists, writers and poets who are looking for a place to display their work. We will attract these creative individuals by giving them a free hand with their creations.For you the reader, this will mean a unique publication with many different flavors and influences.
The music scene in the Charlotte area is an odd mixture of metal, grunge, goth, techno, rock-a-billy, blue grass, country and many hybrids. We feel that any musician or band that has the gumption to get up on stage and take a stab at pleasing an audience deserves our attention. Our music writers will help you decide whether or not it will be worth your time to buy their CD/tape or pay to go see them. We will include local and national music reviews that our writers feel you will enjoy reading.
While there are many sources for restaurant reviews, we will give you reviews of places to hang out and have a beer or cup of coffee. Over the last couple of years, Charlotte has been getting quite a few places that are perfect for this. These places include coffee shops, dessert shops, bookstores and pubs. We will tell you about the atmosphere and the attitude of the people.
Unless you have been under a rock for the last decade, you know Charlotte has been an explosive market for sports. The problem has been that if you were not interested in football, basketball or golf, then you were out of luck. Our sports section will cover other sports such as mountain biking, hacky sack, Frisbee golf, minor league football or any previously ignored sports activity. then again if Kerry Collins walks in and wants to confess to a love for croquet, who are we to deny him some story space.
Feature and news articles are strange creatures. What is interesting to one person will be a tranquilizer to thousands of others. We want to do biting new stories or features that will be useful to the reader. We do not promise not to go over previously covered ground. If we do, we promise to take a different point of view. We welcome suggestions from you the reader for this section.
As Tangents matures, we will change. As we change, we will strive to bring you a 'zine worth spending your time with. We want your suggestions, criticism and thoughts. In return we only ask one thing ... Share it with a friend, and for God's sake, DON'T PITCH THIS RAG!

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